Ecologica Pest Control
Protecting People & The Environment

Ecologica Pest Control provides innovative environmentally friendly pest control solutions to clients all over Kildare, Dublin, Meath, Westmeath, Offaly & West Wicklow.

We provide bespoke services for clients in sensitive work environments where confidentiality & discretion are important.

BPCA trained, BASIS PROMPT Registered Professional Pest Controller & Licensed by Dept. of Agriculture (PMU 001090) in Ireland.

Our resident Field Biologist Mervyn Walsh is professionally trained and qualified in environmental management & pest control management.
Mervyn has extensive experience across many industries including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agri-food & Farming
  • Education e.g. primary, secondary & third level
  • Food Retailing & Production
  • Processing & Packaging
  • Health services e.g. public/private, hospitals & nursing homes
  • Construction, property & facilities management
  • Aircraft (Boeing D6-7127) & Cruise Ships (AMS 1450A) Compliant
  • Environmental Consultancy is a partner company to Gorteen Wildlife Conservation Trust

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Ecologica Pest Control emphasises a three-dimensional approach to pest control:

1. The relationship between pest species living requirements, dietary and breeding lifecycle.
2. The relationship between environmental changes caused by human activities.
3. We manage pest species by conducting an ecological risk assessment.

We carefully select eco-friendly products with minimal impact on the environment, while safeguarding people from illness and spread of disease thus mitigating risk or liability posed to business.

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Rats, mice & grey squirrel can spread disease, damage a property and cause distress to homeowners, family pets, children, business owners & their customers.
Ecologica Pest Control provides a range of solutions in accordance with best practice within the guidelines for the campaign for responsible rodenticide use (CRRU Ireland – Wildlife Aware).
Following the completion of an environmental risk assessment within our customer’s premises, we make a series of recommendations on control strategies including monitoring, proofing, trapping, dead rodent odour control & habitat management.
Only as a last resort will rodenticide be used to control an infestation of rodents.
It is not enough for wildlife to be a nuisance to become a pest. It must be a threat to human & animal health. Our professionally trained technicians and field biologist controls pest species on the following grounds:

1. To protect & conserve food stocks
2. To protect people’s health & spread of disease
3. To protect the environment
4. To control harmful wildlife due to ‘health & safety’ concerns
5. Compliance with legal requirements
6. Prevent fear & anxiety
7. Safeguard people’s property & investments

Our rodent monitoring programmes facilitates allergen management and does not contain any big 8 allergens in composition. Specifically designed for food industry and sensitive areas e.g. schools, hospitals, pharma, cosmetics industry, IT and biotech plants. Stockists for Nara, eMitter, Rotech, Bayer Harmonix & Rascal non-toxic monitoring baits safe for people, pets & the environment.

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Ants–Bed Bugs-Beetles-Cockroaches-Fleas–Flies–Meal Worms-Mites-Moths-Silverfish-Ticks-Wasps-Woodworm

We use organic or natural based products engineered to the highest professional standard, which are applied by highly trained technicians using specialised equipment.
We conduct general health & safety and environmental risk assessments. We explain treatments to customers before commencement thus ensuring peace of mind for our customers and mitigating concerns about health, pet welfare or concerns for the general environment.
We provide the following insect control services:

• Once-off treatment for the control of insect pests
• Service contracts for on-going monitoring and prevention to comply with food safety regulations
• Wasp nest treatment & removal
• Insect monitoring
• Integrated wasp control programs
• Organic & food industry sensitive areas – Compliant with the Soil Association, HACCP food standards e.g. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issues 7

• Farm building treatment e.g. grain silos & bins for storage of barley, malting barley & oil seed rape

• Electronic Fly Killer (EFK) service, sales and consumable sales (Boards/Tubes)
• Fly screen installation
• Strip curtain door sale and installation
• Insect identification service
• Pheromone monitoring and mating disruption of stored product insects.
• Pest awareness training

• Spider control & advice

• Stockist for Virbac Indorex flea treatment, Lodi Digrain wasp treatment, Permost CS, Eradisect, Dethlac, Protector Natural, Bayer flying & crawling insect treatments - AquaPy, Ficam, K-Obiol, K-Othrine, Maxforce, Pybuthrin & QuickBayt.

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Pigeons and seagulls are the most common bird species that become a nuisance for the following reasons:

Spread of disease e.g. E-Coli & Salmonella and respiratory diseases like Ornithosis
Deface buildings, vehicles, pavements with droppings thus causing health & safety concerns e.g. slips and falls
Nest building and roosting sites encouraging the harbourage of other pests like ticks, mites, fleas, flies & beetles
During the breeding season they can attack customers and employees

The prevention of bird populations from nesting or roosting is the best measure to ensure these bird populations do not feed and breed successfully. The following measure can be taken to prevent birds spreading disease, contaminating food, damaging property or causing distress and anxiety to people:

Bird proofing
Specialist cleaning & decontamination with DAFM approved disinfectants
Habitat management
Temporary deterrents
Trapping & release

Stockists for Onaway bird gel repellent, De-Bird reflective scare tape & Agrilaser bird deterrents.

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Our resident Field Biologist, Mervyn Walsh B.A.(Hons), HDip. EnvMgt,, MRSPH is affiliated with:

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